The Painted Heron – Indian al fresco in Chelsea

What a culinary delight this blog is! I could almost taste each mouthful.

The Swindian

If you look at my restaurant map of London, you will notice that I largely tend to stay around Soho. It has an abundance of amazing restaurants, it’s easy to get to from everywhere, and importantly, it’s quick to get home in the evenings. It takes a good reasonto make me stray from the familiar, but the menu for The Painted Heron wasjust that. And whilst it did take me two hours to get home afterwards (I love London, but I hate TFL!), the experience was nonetheless pretty special.


London’s three days of blistering heat had just begun, and so I walked from South Kensington station down to the river, where The Painted Heron is located. I was enjoying the fresh air so much thatI was overjoyed when the waitress didn’t keep me inside, butled me instead to their small and beautiful terrace.

The actual painted heron The actual painted heron… he was…

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